April Springer lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is a sophomore at Chapel Hill High School. When April was in ninth grade, an ACE staff member came to visit her biology class, surveying the students for their knowledge about climate change and its impacts. As April filled out the survey, she noticed that she was very passionate about the environment and renewable energy. She applied to join the 2016-2017 cohort of a program called Climate Leadership and Energy Awareness Program (LEAP). Through Climate LEAP, she learned more about climate justice, climate refugees, and the effects of fossil fuels on animal species and people. April has been able to submit a toolkit on water bottle filling stations to the New York Social Justice Exposition, where it has received national attention. Of the many diverse ways to help protect the environment, April is most interested in renewable energy. As her future career, she hopes to make solar power a more accessible and inexpensive resource, and would also like to become a beekeeper. April believes that climate change is one of the most important issues that the world faces. The earth supports everything the human race does, and the damage we inflict upon it is nearly irreversible. Through youth empowerment and education, she believes that we will be taking steps in the right direction to a greener future.

She is now in a leadership role for her high school’s club, Student Environmental Education Coalition, that focuses on unifying students in projects to help preserve nature and the planet. She is also on the environmental committee for the organization, National Federation for Temple Youth, where teens are engaged in sustainability projects across the nation. April loves to hang out with her friends and write social action programs for her youth group, Durham Regional Temple Youth. She likes to play field hockey and lacrosse for her school team. In her free time, she plays with her dog Mickey and loves to bake some awesome cupcakes. By being involved in the ACE Fellowship program, she is most excited to meet new friends that love the environment just as much as she does and make a visible change.


Chapel Hill High School