We're Taking Control of our Future

Climate change is our generation's biggest challenge.
Let's take action.



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ACE Assembly



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have taken action on
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Our Climate Our Future

A multimedia experience that educates young people about climate science and solutions.

Join The Get Loud Challenge

A climate action competition for young people to speak up, step up and win for climate.

The ACE Assembly

The ACE Assembly combines airtight science with pop-culture entertainment for an unforgettable experience

What's so extraordinary about this program is it understands what young people can do to make immediate, powerful change right now where they already have influence in their schools and in their communities.

—Van Jones

Action Fellowship

Educating high school students about climate change and empowering them to
lead on climate solutions

Fredrick Dunston
North Carolina
Ken Hinh
San Francisco Bay Area
Ana Singh
San Francisco Bay Area