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The System is Rigged—but we can end it.

The Urgent Problem

From the financial system to the political system—the game is RIGGED in favor of the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel corporations are working hard to rebrand themselves as clean and green through things like “certified gas” or “blue hydrogen,” but we’re not taking the bait.

That’s why ACE is focused on stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure from being built across the Ohio River Valley, the Gulf South, and the Permian Basin where the vast majority of buildout is occurring and where we have been base-building since 2008 when we were founded.

The fossil fuel industry spends an estimated $900 million annually to sow disinformation, slow the energy transition, and perpetuate the fossil fuel status quo. They have decades of experience doing this successfully and have trillions of dollars of assets locked up in the fossil fuel economy. They will stop at nothing to derail and slow our pathway to net zero.

Fossil fuel corporations currently outspend the clean energy sector 13 to 1 in political contributions. The fossil lobby has a stranglehold on US politics and is successfully manipulating our political system to their benefit—and they need to be stopped.
Leslee MN

Our Main Tactics

1. Strategic Communications and Media

  • Identify the dirtiest and most unjust fossil fuel projects that include, but are not limited to: petrochemical plants, plastics plants, ethane crackers, refineries, pipelines, compressor stations, underground wastewater storage sites, and LNG export terminals.
  • Educate the public through large-scale voter awareness campaigns designed to deploy smart media dollars to do measurable mass public persuasion.
  • Use storytelling to amplify the human health dangers and perils from the extraction, production, processing, transportation, export and use of fossil fuels, including but not limited to: explosions, spills, poisoning, cancer clusters, asthma rates, childhood diseases, food contamination, poor water quality and others.

2. Local Organizing

  • Mobilize our 1.1 million Youth Action Network members to show up, testify, conduct petition drives, educate candidates, tell their stories, and ultimately advocate to stop the financing and permitting process of new projects.
  • Explore legal remedies including litigation to protect our rights to clean air, clean water and public health.

3. Diverse Participation in Our Democracy

  • Register, educate and turn out diverse youth voters up and down the ballot through both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) voter engagement programs.

1. Book an ACE Assembly

Education is our first organizing opportunity and the way that we build our movement. Are you a teacher or young person who would like to have an ACE Organizer visit your school to give our award-winning school assembly called Our Climate Our Future LIVE? This is a great way to jumpstart climate organizing in your community. Book Our Climate Our Future LIVE here.

2. Become an ACE Partner

ACE works with dozens of national and local partners in the communities we serve. Interested in partnering with us? Check out our current partners here and get connected to us.

3. Join the ACE Youth Action Network

Are you a young person interested in taking weekly action with ACE to keep fossil fuels in the ground? Sign up for our Youth Action Network and join 1.1 million young people across the United States.
Alana OH

Active Campaigns

Oil Rig

Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

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Don’t Default on Our Climate Future

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