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The climate emergency is here whether our leaders acknowledge it or not. We deserve a world beyond fossil fuels—a world in which our leaders tell the truth, honor the will of the people, and act at an emergency-level speed to avert climate catastrophe.

Ready to take action? Whether you’re interested in being more involved civically, stopping fossil fuels in your community, or demanding clean energy jobs, there are ways you can help right now.

Check out our latest campaigns and get plugged in right away.
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Active Campaigns

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Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

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Don’t Default on Our Climate Future

Tell Congress: Don’t negotiate away the IRA


Demand Action for East Palestine

Send an email to Governor DeWine demanding that he prioritizes the health and safety of the residents in East Palestine, OH.

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Help Get JPMorgan Chase To Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

Add your name to the movement calling for JPMorgan Chase to divest their billions of investments in fossil fuels!

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Demand RBC Stop Funding The Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Sign the petition to get RBC to pull all funding from the Coastal GasLink pipeline!

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Facebook & Instagram: Shut Down Climate Deniers!

Take action today and demand Facebook and Instagram remove climate deniers’ ads and stop prioritizing profit over people. Sign now!


Stop The Mountain Valley Pipeline

Sign the petition to demand President Biden to issue an executive order to halt all construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline!

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Tell Congress: Support Local Renewable Energy Solutions

We need local, renewable energy for community resilience during extreme weather amplified by climate change.

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Oil is War (1)

Let’s tell Congress we say no to war and yes to clean energy

Urge Congress to support local, renewable energy to reduce our fossil fuel dependence and take us out of oil-driven wars.

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