ACE Honored As An Anthem Awards Finalist

Josh Skipworth


January 30, 2024


Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE) announced today that it won Bronze in Best Use of AI at the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards. This award was earned through the innovative and responsible use of artificial intelligence in order to effect meaningful change at scale and address the climate crisis. 

ACE’s cutting edge solution – ClimateSense – is an AI driven tool that provides comprehensive analysis of social media opinion in order to cut through noise, gain a better understanding of online discourse surrounding climate change, and understand the impact of our climate content in house and at scale in order to improve the content creation cycle. 

“The climate emergency is here, and the responsible use of AI can help us solve it,” says Cyriac Joseph, Senior Head of Programs at (ACE).

Anthem Winners are selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Members include: Nicholas Thompson, CEO, The Atlantic; Christina Swarns, Executive Director, Innocence Project; Zarna Surti, Global Creative Director, Nike Purpose; Maurice Mitchell, National Director, Working Families Party; Lindsay Stein, Chief Purpose Office, Tombras; Jennifer Lotito, President & Chief Operating Officer, (RED); Lisa Sherman, President & CEO, The Ad Council; Emily Barfoot, Global Brand Director Dove, Unilever; Trovon Williams, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, NAACP; Roma McCaig, Senior VP of Impact, Clif Bar; Michelle Egan, Chief Strategy Officer, NRDC; Dinah-Kareen Jean, Senior Manager, Social Innovation at Etsy; Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO, GLAAD; Jad Finck, Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability, Allbirds; Christopher Miller, Head of Global Activism Strategy, Ben & Jerry’s; Shayla Tait, Director of Philanthropy, The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation.

The Anthem Awards was launched in response to the prevalence social good has taken within the national conversation and cultural zeitgeist in recent years. The 3rd Annual competition received over 2,000 entries from more than 30 countries worldwide. By amplifying the voices that spark global change, the Anthem Awards are defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities. A portion of program revenue is allocated to our grant program, The Anthem Fund.

Josh, ACE Headshot

Josh Skipworth

Associate Director of Communications

Josh is ACE's Associate National Director of Campaigns for distributed organizing. Based in Iowa, he develops, manages, and supports young climate leaders around the country in the organizing journey, empowering them to be well-rounded advocates capable of accomplishing amazing things.

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