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Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier

India Howeth, Social Media Intern

For many years, the conversation about climate change has revolved around its impacts on animals and ecosystems. If not that, much of the rhetoric involves grandiose diagnoses about the world ending in a decade or so. And while polar bears on melting ice caps and policy deadlines are essential to fighting climate change, they can sometimes be ineffectual in spurring everyday people with busy, complex lives into climate action.

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ACE’s Youth Action Network demands a stop to the TikTok Ban

On behalf of the 77,796 US petition signers and more than 80 million US-based users of TikTok, we are demanding that the FCC and Department of Commerce take action immediately to protect TikTok from any limitation, ban or prohibition.

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#RepealHB6 – Lifting Youth Voices in Ohio

Lea Dotson, Lead Youth Organizer, Ohio

ACE and partners co-hosted a series of virtual public hearings that offered citizens of Ohio a chance to share their thoughts and opinions about HB 6 prior to the November election. Ohio lawmakers were in attendance and Ace Fellows from Ohio delivered some of the most impactful testimonies of the night.

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What's Next?

Election Day has Passed — What’s Next?

Melinda Lilly, Director of Communications and Digital Engagement

We’ve spent the last month doing research on candidates, discussing ballot initiatives, registering people to vote, and showing up at the polls. Many states in the U.S. expanded voting options and experienced record-breaking voter turnout! With all of the changes and uncertainty facing us, lots of us are wondering ‘what happens next’? Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect.

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Teachers, We Hear You

Rebecca Anderson, Director of Education

2020 has been a year. No one knows that more than teachers. We are asking the impossible of teachers: teach virtually with minimal new resources or support. Or teach both virtual students and in-person students at once. Or teach them in the classroom, but don’t get too close. And don’t let them do group work or collaborate. It takes at least twice as much effort and my best guess is that the student outcomes will be about half as good.

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Here are 7 Indigenous Youth Activists You Should Know

India Howeth, Social Media Intern

Since the 1970s, people have called for a celebration of an Indigenous People’s Day in protest and instead of what the U.S. federally still recognizes as Columbus Day. As of last year, fifteen states now officially recognize October 12th as Indigenous People’s Day and not Columbus Day. This switch is meant to protest the uplifting of genocide that Christopher Columbus and the colonial practices that followed his American arrival committed against Native American people and instead celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, heritages and identities of indigenous people in the modern U.S.

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Keep my memory

Keep My Memory

Alexis Raeana Jones, Youth Organizer, North Carolina

Everyday we fight for the women who were lost at the hands of wickedness. We honor their legacy! We must acknowledge that environmental, social and racial justice must be met to dismantle the systemic racism that affects our Indigenous communities today. We must remember that we are resilient and stand on the shoulders of our ancestors.

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An Overlooked Solution to Climate Change: Indigenous Land Rights

India Howeth, Social Media Intern

There are many ways to combat anthropogenic climate change, but not all of them get to the true root of the issue. The fact is that anthropogenic climate change began and continues to thrive because of a colonial, capitalist culture that prioritizes profits over the health of natural resources and, in turn, people.

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Latinx Climate Activists Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

India Howeth, Social Media Intern

As youth climate activists, Julian Arenas, Sofía Hernández, Alejandro Matehuala, Jennifer Cantero, Jason Naylor, Edelma Saenz, Karin Watson and Selene Lopez share what their Latinx identity, heritage and this month means to them.

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I Had to Emergency Evacuate From a California Fire: Here’s What I Learned

India Howeth, Social Media Intern

I run inside, hastily grab our family photos and that’s it. We’re in the car. I’m staring through the back window at what might be the last time I ever see everything I have ever known in my entire life. That’s what emergency evacuation is like. That’s climate change.

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