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The IRA Accelerator

Protecting and Accelerating the IRA

Passing the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was just a start—now we must invest deeply in accelerating implementation of the IRA’s benefits in order to realize its full potential—and we must ensure the money makes its way to the right communities as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, a traveling circus of fossil fuel disinformation is derailing counties and townships across the United States from approving utility-scale clean energy projects, undermining the IRA, and standing in the way of state-based ambition to pass 100% clean energy legislation. The vast majority of proposed utility-scale clean energy projects are in rural zip codes and Republican-held districts.

At the same time, just a third of the American public knows that the IRA has been enacted into a law. In order to protect the IRA and maximize its benefits, we must also work quickly to socialize the consumer-facing benefits of the IRA to average Americans.

And, we must help soften the ground to accelerate decarbonization across energy, industry and transport across the United States—but particularly in rural communities.
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1. Strategic Communications and Media

  • Use smart data and mapping software to identify which communities have the most capacity for utility-scale clean energy projects to target our media dollars most efficiently.
  • Run large-scale, measurable mass persuasion campaigns to inoculate and educate community members in these areas about the economic incentives and community benefits of clean energy projects.
  • Support local governments and voters with the information they need to apply for federal dollars locally.
  • Use storytelling to tell the stories of young people, and voters of all ages, who have benefited directly from clean energy projects in their communities.

2. Local Organizing

  • Mobilize our 1.1 million Youth Action Network members to show up, testify, conduct petition drives, educate leaders, tell their stories, and ultimately advocate to advance new utility-scale clean energy in their communities.

3. Diverse Participation in Our Democracy

  • Register, educate and turn out diverse youth voters up and down the ballot through both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) voter engagement programs.

Active Campaigns

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Tell the BLM: Expedite Renewable Energy Development

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Windmills And Solar Farm

Usher In A Renewable Revolution

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Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

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