ACE harnesses the power of storytelling to humanize the impacts of climate change, inspire solutions to the climate emergency and illustrate the benefits of the clean energy transition. 

We generate dozens of stories annually sourced from communities across the country lifting up the voices of those at the forefront of climate impacts and solutions.

ACE’s Youth & Climate Impact video series shares stories of young people from the Gulf South to the Ohio River Valley who are facing daily toxic realities from explosive fossil fuel development and alchemizing that destruction into meaningful climate solutions and leadership to take charge of their future. ACE’s YouthTakes series further collects and amplifies a multitude of youth thoughts and perspectives in conversation with one another on everything from timely climate legislation to the power of the youth vote to cast the deciding ballots in elections.

Our Day in the Life series features workers on the frontlines of the clean energy transition sharing about their work, the benefits and joys of working in the solar and wind industry, socializing clean energy jobs, and how others can join the sector. In Farmer for Renewables, we feature farmers and neighboring landowners who share how they personally and their broader community have benefitted from clean energy projects in their area to soften the ground and build positivity for responsible clean energy buildout.