As a first mover in the creator marketing space, in late 2020, ACE launched a novel Creator Collective program as a direct and rapid response to social media bans on digital advertising during the 2020 presidential election. This nimble and innovative program allowed us to continue to successfully reach millions of young people while shifting funding from social media corporations and instead invest directly in youth content creators to engage their networks on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other youth-centered social media platforms.

Today, we remain a leader at the forefront of creator marketing having recruited more than 6,200 creators with a combined reach of 140+ million people. Powered by data and analytics alongside innovative marketing strategies that amplify this viral youth creative media we have reached tens of millions of people annually to accelerate decarbonization, popularize benefits of the clean energy transition and remove the social license of the fossil fuel industry.

We are now scaling this proven work globally. ACE launched the Global Creator Academy to amplify youth voices on social media from Johannesburg to Rio de Janeiro and train young leaders in the tools, tactics and strategies to accelerate the clean energy transition in their communities across Brazil, South Africa, and the UK.