Climate Education

ACE works at scale to stand between the fossil fuel industry’s disinformation machine and our nation’s young people as billions are spent annually on climate disinformation campaigns targeting teens—sowing confusion among the public and inaction among lawmakers. 

In fact, this disinformation is becoming institutionalized in public schools like in Florida, where the $150 million juggernaut PragerU was recently approved as an educational resource—now, millions of children across the state can be shown and taught from PragerU material. As a leader in inoculating vulnerable audiences outside the climate movement’s echo chamber, ACE has the antidote.

ACE reaches millions of students annually in communities across the country through our award-winning climate education program, Our Climate Our Future. This flagship education program offers a suite of unparalleled resources that educators can stream directly into their classrooms—including a micro-video series proven to have a messaging persuasion lift up to 25 percent. We also leverage our educational, youth-centered storytelling to amplify local impacts of climate change, producing dozens of engaging video stories across ACE owned media to educate young people on the impacts and solutions to the climate emergency.

At the COP27 global climate summit, the United Nations centered an emergent focus on climate education, acknowledging that none of the world’s climate goals will be achievable without a foundational education approach. The knowledge gap cannot be overstated—70 percent of young people surveyed by UNESCO either cannot explain climate change, can only explain its broad principles, or do not know anything about it at all. We see education as a first organizing opportunity to transform knowledge into action.

ACE is responding to the urgent call for foundational climate education by scaling our proven resources to reach millions of students in India and we are now seeking to further expand our work to Brazil, South Africa and the U.K.