ACE is a digital media juggernaut. Our work with young people who live and breathe on social media has positioned ACE as a leader in technology, digital media and strategic communications. ACE deploys a two-pronged approach to reach both inside and outside the climate movement echo chamber to socialize, soften the ground, and accelerate climate solutions: 1) activate youth who are already concerned about climate change but have not yet been invited to take action, and 2) inoculate the millions of Americans the climate movement has left behind who are simultaneously disengaged and targeted by the disinformation machine.

We have grown a digital network of over 1.1 million Youth Action Network members in communities across all 50 states, including a majority who identify as youth of color and one third who live in rural and agricultural communities. We mobilize youth members via strategic campaigns to advance pro-climate policy nationally and locally in their communities, and stop the expansion of the harmful and greedy fossil fuel industry.

Our paid media program amplifies our strategies to reach tens of millions of Americans and serve over a billion digital impressions each year. During the 2022 midterm election cycle, ACE was the top climate US political spender on Instagram and third overall on Meta.

We are a technology-forward organization that is able to use brilliant minds coupled with cutting-edge AI to break through the climate movement echo chamber. We were awarded the Bronze Anthem Award for Best Use of AI for our ClimateSense platform–an AI driven tool that provides comprehensive analysis of social media opinion in order to cut through noise, gain a better understanding of online discourse surrounding climate change, and understand the impact of our climate content in house and at scale in order to improve the content creation cycle.