ACE Global

Climate progress in the US is essential as one of the world’s top emitters–though focusing on the US alone is simply not enough to halt the climate emergency. ACE has a proven track record in the US and in key global markets and are scaling our work in Brazil, India, South Africa and the UK–nations that are on the frontlines of the climate crisis with ripe opportunities to play a significant role in the energy transition toward a clean energy future. 

ACE is a long-time admitted NGO member of the UNFCCC, participated in the Paris Climate Agreement ratification, and brought delegations of US youth to COP events and UN Climate Week mobilizations for the past decade. We seek to build youth power in the climate movement globally by connecting US and international youth at these and other critical movement moments around the world. 

In a pilot program, we have scaled our award-winning climate education program, translating the resources into Kannada and Hindi to educate and engage millions of students in India. 

ACE is also launching a parallel global media venture to (1) expedite the demise of fossil fuels; (2) accelerate decarbonization across energy, industry and transport; and (3) directly resource local groups with training, direct funding investment, and a tightly coordinated global network of partners implementing a co-created strategy in key geographies.