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C Joseph

Senior Head of Programs

CJ’s formative professional years were in the consumer goods industry where he internalized the value of data-based decision-making. However, working in the corporate sector was always somewhat meaningless for him and that helped him transition to the not-for-profit world. He is the jack of many trades and master of some.


CJ is the producer of a health app –– Painalog and has over the years developed expertise in digital advertising, CRMs, and marketing automation. 


In addition to the challenges of climate change, he believes that one of the biggest threats and opportunities that will shape the future of our species is AI and machine learning. Of particular concern is the use of facial recognition technology which according to him is the biggest invasion of our privacy yet. 


A quintessential nerd, CJ hopes to keep ACE at the cutting edge of digital engagement technology by creating best practices and benchmarks for the rest of the environmental advocacy sector to follow.


CJ holds a MBA in Marketing and is working on a certification in SQL and Python.