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Now or Never

The world is on fire and so are we

The climate emergency is here. Our time is up. It’s #NowOrNever.

The window for endless conversations and incremental action has closed. Instead, we need an emergency-level response to avert climate catastrophe and we need leaders with the courage to take bold action.#NowOrNever is a campaign to urge governors to declare a climate emergency via executive order immediately.

We will take our message near and far, elevating youth voices in all 50 states, to ensure our elected governors know that we expect them to use their executive power to act on the climate emergency with the speed and scale that science and justice demand.

Ready to help sound the alarm? It’s #NowOrNever Sign up below to demand that your governor declares a climate emergency via executive order today!

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When our voices are united our power is unstoppable.

We are calling all youth-serving, youth-led, and intergenerational climate justice organizations across the climate movement and other intersectional social justice movements to join the#NowOrNeverCampaign. Sign up here to plug in.

“Together, we’re unstoppable. Another world is possible.”
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