2016-2017 Action Fellow

Reagan Barcelon is an 11th grade student at West Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an Environmental Science major at her school, and wishes to learn more about climate change, its causes and effects, and also leadership. Reagan is passionate about learning, the environment, and animals.

When her class discussed climate change, they didn’t go into as much depth into the subject as she had hoped, leaving her very curious, wanting to learn more about how to help it and stop it. She joined the ACE Action Fellowship because she is interested in the topic and wants to make a difference in the world. Her goal is to do the best she can to help the cause and also become a better leader. She is especially looking forward to working with new people and learning, and is interested in climate and environmental justice.

Climate change is important to Reagan because she cares deeply for animals and the planet, and she does not want to stand by and watch the environment decline. She believes that it is important that young people get involved in causes like these because they are the future, and eventually it will be their problem. Reagan is excited to be part of such an innovative program!

Reagan Barcelon
West Career and Technical Academy