Victoria Martinez

Action Fellow Alumni

San Francisco Bay Area

Victoria is from Half Moon Bay, California, a small town just south of San Francisco. She is a senior attending Half Moon Bay High School, and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge on climate change, and other environmental issues in today’s world. Growing up on a ranch in an agricultural community, near both the ocean and the redwoods, has allowed her to witness the dramatic effects climate change has brought upon her town, and all of California.

Victoria has become extremely passionate about spreading awareness on the urgent issue of climate change. She is excited and motivated to promote positive solutions and ways to help prevent climate change, and is also looking forward to building her public speaking skills, and ability to work with other people on the matter.

She is currently volunteering for a local community garden, the Heal Project, which focuses on teaching young children the importance of sustainability. Her interests include running, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Victoria is hoping to work with underprivileged children in developing countries when she is older, and is also planning on attending a four year university after she graduates. She wants to major in Biology and Environmental Science.