Timothy Irish

Action Fellow Alumni

Greater Boston Area

Tim Irish lives in Scituate, Massachusetts and is a senior at Boston College High School. He is, in fact, Irish. He is passionate about the Earth and he frequently thinks about the ways that humans affect the environment and the climate. Tim was first introduced to ACE by his good friend and classmate, Krish Patel, and is excited to be an Action Fellow with Krish this year.

Tim became increasingly interested in climate change throughout elementary school when he frequently watched the Weather Channel and documentaries on global warming. Now, as he gets ready to head to college next year, Tim hopes to major in environmental science. He strongly believes that in order for climate actions to be successful, there must be changes in policy and the hearts and minds of elected officials.

Tim recently travelled to West Virginia to volunteer with the Appalachia Service Project and witnessed firsthand the direct negative impacts of the coal industry in the United States. He feels it is imperative that everyone understand that climate change affects every single person, animal, and plant in the world. Tim believes the world must work together in order to stop man made climate change, to feed the hungry, and to prevent a sixth mass extinction of animals. All of these issues are linked to the environment and how people treat the planet. Tim biggest motivation to fight climate change is his love of nature and he is excited to work with others to protect the planet.

Tim’s passion lies in speaking to others about climate change and he is an adamant supporter of recycling, composting and eating organic foods. Outside of the classroom, Tim participates in many extracurricular activities, including Lacrosse, Indoor Track, Liturgy Club, Green Eagles, Engineering Club, and Student Council.