CHI patricia

Paty Calderon

Action Fellow Alumni


Paty Calderon is currently a sophomore at Whitney M. Young High School. She is passionate about climate change and is a member of the ecology club at her school. She participated in a 15-week long project to make a difference in terms of the environment, climate change, and our communities. She has taught about climate change and the ways students can make a difference to more than 80 grammar school students. Through the project, she also informed high school students about eye-opening climate change facts in flyer form to motivate them to join the climate change movement. These are a few examples of what she believes is essential to fighting climate change: informing others on the severity of climate change in order to inspire change.

Through the ACE Fellowship, she hopes to learn, educate, and make a greater difference in fighting climate change. She also loves running and playing the flute, and just having a good laugh!