Paola Arraut Headshot

Paola Arraut

Action Fellow


Paola Arraut, born and raised from the suburbs of Miami, Florida, attends Ronald Reagan Senior High School. Paola is also an artist; she expresses her experiences through art and also participates in sport activities such as running in track and cross country. Paola is strongly passionate about fighting for climate change, but also connecting with people in order to bring her community together to fight for our future, which is why she joined ACE’s Fellowship program. She believes climate change is important, because animals, plants and even humans can go extinct if we can’t help stop the Earth from deteriorating. 

Paola is most interested in the subject of renewable energy – discovering ways in which we can use energy for everyday things without having to use up the Earth’s resources. It’s important for people Paola’s age to try and see that climate change is happening and if we don’t stop it, sea levels will rise and sink our continent, animals will go extinct, and plants will go extinct as well. It’s important for young people like Paola to rise to action and help stop climate change to save our future.