Mateo Catano

Mateo Catano

Action Fellow Alumni

Greater Boston Area

Mateo Catano lives in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently a Junior at John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science. He plays volleyball and enjoys hanging out with his friends. He is a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council and the recycling team at his school. He really cares about the world and maintaining our planet as clean as possible.

Mateo became interested in climate change after going to an event organized by teens who wanted to make a change to our world. He realized that there were hundreds of teens like him who wanted to find solutions to help the Earth. He is currently taking an AP environmental science class where he will learn more in depth about the problems that are happening due to global warming.

Mateo believes that it is our responsibility to protect the planet we live on because there are future generations to come that will want to live in a clean planet instead of a polluted world.

He also took a month-long hiking trip to Wyoming where he learned how to become a better leader. While in Wyoming, he discovered how amazing and beautiful our planet is and would love to keep it that way, and even make it better than what it is today. He hopes to begin making big changes with ACE this coming year, and work with others to increase awareness of global warming and how to make our world a more green place.