Leandro _Lalo_ de Armas Headshot

Leandro “Lalo” de Armas

Action Fellow


Leandro “Lalo” de Armas attends Palmer Trinity School in South Florida. He serves as captain of the Cross Country and Track & Field teams and is an active member of the Environmental Action Club. Lalo recently helped plan and organize the second annual Miami Youth Climate Summit where he co-led a workshop titled “Climate Leadership” that detailed how different mediums for communication could be utilized to bring more attention to the climate movement.

After attending Zero Hour’s Youth Climate Summit this past summer, Lalo began searching for ways he could affect positive change in his front-line community. Although climate change had no noticeable direct effects on his daily life, securing a future for himself and generations to come was reason enough to invest significant time and energy in this cause. In an effort to align beliefs with actions, Lalo joined the ACE Action Fellowship so he can continue to promote climate awareness and action alongside like-minded individuals through opportunities he otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. Through the program, he’s been able to advance aspects of his climate education that have made him a better leader and figure within the climate space.