Kian Martin

Action Fellow Alumni

San Francisco Bay Area

Kian Martin is a queer Iranian-American intersectional community organizer from San Jose, California. They are a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School, where they serve as president of both the Environmental Club and the Queer Student Union, as well as the ASB Environmental Commissioner.

Kian sees climate change as the product of a system of injustice, and is of the firm belief that in order to begin solving the world’s great problems, we must first recognize their intersectionality, make connections, and build global solidarity. They see their identity as a queer mixed race person as central to their activism, and are constantly striving to dismantle the white supremacist, capitalist cisheteropatriarchy which they believe is at the root of all environmental and social issues. Kian believes that an intersectional and inclusive grassroots movement for global justice and decolonization is the key to solving today’s problems.

When not facilitating dialogue and action surrounding issues of environmental and social justice, Kian can be found reading great texts (both fiction and nonfiction) and listening to music ranging from folk to garage rock. They have a passion for vocal jazz, and can often be found practicing, performing, and listening to great jazz music. One of their greatest interests is in the DIY and punk culture deeply rooted in queer history. They can often be found listening to riot grrrl, and reading and contributing to zines. There is a good chance that at this very moment, Kian is sipping boba and discussing intersectional politics.