Kamari Jones



Kamari is from Pittsburgh PA, and is currently in 9th grade attending Pittsburgh’s  Creative And Preforming Arts (CAPA) majoring in Vocal, she also  works for Youth Enrichment Survives. her interest consist of Singing, mathematics,art, and cooking. she is also very dedicated to playing in school, and AAU Basketball , in hopes of getting a full scholarship to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) majoring in Education to graduate with a bachelors degree. she also does some volunteering at Pittsburgh Faison elementary ,to help plan and organize events, set and arrange classrooms,help teachers to grade papers, and organize files and papers.

She cares about climate change because the increasing temperature of Earth is  causing many endangered animals to go completely extinct. Another factor is climate change is melting away arctic areas , acidifying the oceans and completely destroying coral reefs consequently adding to the destruction of fish populations, with the  effects of over fishing. Moving away from fossil fuels, gasses,and  etc. can help to better our earth.climate change is also having a large affect on the human race specifically lower income portions. She hopes to encourage others to do as much as they possibly can to keep safe and protect our air,  earth , and those living on it humans, animals and all.