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Ian Feather

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Ian Feather was born in Durham, North Carolina and lives there today. He is currently a senior at Cedar Ridge High School, and this is his first year as an ACE Action Fellow. Ian first became fired up about protecting the climate when he took AP Environmental Science in 10th grade, and he then got the opportunity to put this passion into action by starting an environmental club at his school the next year. Since then, Ian has been involved in several local and national environmental initiatives, including being a member of the planning committee for North Carolina’s first Climate Justice Summit. Through these past and current efforts, as well as future ones, Ian hopes to make his peers more aware of both the threat of climate change, as well as what they can do to fight it.

Aside from his environmental advocacy and activism work, Ian enjoys being outdoors whenever he can, whether that means he’s biking, hiking, running cross country for his high school, or playing pick-up basketball with friends. Ian also spends his time reading, listening to music, and keeping up with politics.