Hana Razvi_MKE Headshot

Hana Razvi

Action Fellow


Hana was born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin and attends Brookfield Central High School. She participates in clubs such as Student Council, Student Senate, as well as the Environmental Club. Some of her favorite activities are traveling, playing tennis, and reading. Hana has a passion for climate change and the issues regarding environmental sustainability because in the end, it is only humans who will suffer the consequences if they do not take care of the earth. Around her freshman year of high school, Hana began noticing and educating herself on the severity of climate change and took small steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She believes that it is most important for the youth to take part in climate action because they are the future of this world and will be directly affected by climate change. During this fellowship, she is looking forward to meeting other people who share the same goals and passion for climate education as well as spreading the message that it is time to take climate change seriously.