Grace Maddox-

Grace Maddox

Action Fellow Alumni

Greater Boston Area

Grace is from Belmont, Massachusetts and is currently a senior at Belmont High School. When she is not learning about all things marine biology, she is often playing the guitar or the ukulele. Her love for the environment began when she first started working at the New England Aquarium and then grew exponentially as she began working hands on with the exhibits and animals behind the scenes. Through the Aquarium, she has learned about marine life that is impacted by climate change such as sea turtles and coral. Her favorite marine animal is the argonaut whose thin shell is at risk because of climate change and ocean acidification.

After listening to an orientation lecture given by an Aquarium teen program alumna on ocean acidification, Grace knew that her passion was learning about the effects of climate change on the ocean. Instead of feeling disheartened by the photos of marine organisms who are suffering because of ocean acidification, she feels motivated to help be a part of the solution through educating herself and others.