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Emily Liu

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Emily Liu lives in a Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She grew up in a science background and has been interested in the environment since third grade, when her mother brought home a monarch butterfly and Emily conducted a project on it for her class. She is motivated to make a difference because she knows that there is only one Earth, and once mankind destroys the planet, the consequences will be devastating for future generations. Since then she has participated in many environmental activities, such as Teen Science Café, and Climate LEAP (Leadership Energy and Awareness Program), a local science academy. She won first place at the regional and state science fair in physics and was a semifinalist in the national Broadcom MASTERS science competition.

In her free time, Emily likes to read, swim, eat, listen to music, paint, watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and volunteer at a computer recycling site. She is open to any career path but wants to do something STEM-related.