Dawn Royster (1)

Dawn Royster

Action Fellow


Dawn Royster is a 17 year old originally from Park Forest, Illinois, who has called Florida home from almost a decade now. Through her persisting love for people from a young age she has recently become involved in climate activism due to the intersection the environment has with humanity as well as education. Dawn works to fight environmental injustices, by addressing issues surrounding representation of minority voices, curriculum taught in schools, and by fighting for overall awareness. 

Royster has begun to address these issues by hosting school discussions, convening with others, and taking on roles in organizations like IDEAS for Us and ThisIsZeroHour. Royster joined as an intern at UCF’s IDEAS organizing team in February 2020 and sits as the current Logistics Director of the Orlando Chapter of ThisIsZeroHour. Through opportunities like these, she has found an overwhelming love and commitment towards the betterment of our world, which is why she continues to fight alongside climate advocates and believe in a future that can be sustained. 

Beyond these organizations she is heavily involved in her community through activities like Speech & Debate, City of Orlando District 5 Youth Advisory Board, and her school’s Slam Poetry Club. She is also working with peers to expand a pending nonprofit organization, Illuminated Youth, which focuses on the accessibility of curriculum on neglected issues that encompass not only climate change, but topics like cultural diversity, sex education, and mental health.