Chloe Bento Monteior_MKE Headshot

Chloe Bento Monteiro

Action Fellow


Chloe attends Homestead High School in Milwaukee. She plays tennis and lacrosse at her school and also is a part of various clubs. Chloe is a returning Action Fellow from 2019 and she wanted to join the program again to learn more and have more opportunities. Climate change is an important issue to Chloe because it is going to affect her future and many others. The most interesting aspect of the climate crisis to Chloe is the science aspect. 

It is especially important for young people to be involved in climate action because they are the future. They are going to live in this world and have to deal with the consequences unless the system changes now. What first got her interested was hearing the things that were happening to the earth. She wanted to change these issues and make the earth a better place for future generations to come. One of the goals she has is to bring the fight of the climate crisis into her school.