Caleb, ACE Headshot

Caleb Rainey

Individual Giving Director

Caleb Rainey is the Director of Individual Giving for ACE and is responsible for building and sustaining a vibrant, diverse, and committed community of individual philanthropists who believe in ACE’s mission and vision. 

Caleb holds a B.A. in Women’s and Ethnic Studies and an M.A. in Cultural Studies and has worked in philanthropy for seven years. His approach to philanthropy is grounded in the values of transparency, reciprocity, and justice. Caleb has spent most of his career in the fields of art, education, and racial justice where he has built thriving individual donor and corporate partner programs. He is particularly committed to building the capacity of young philanthropists who are just beginning their redistribution journey. Caleb believes that philanthropy has an essential role to play in building an ecologically sustainable, racially and economically just world where everyone can flourish. 

In his free time, Caleb enjoys spending time with his beloved cats Essex and Oliver, and his chosen family. Caleb also loves the arts, literature, and traveling as much as possible.