Arya N

Arya Nayak

Action Fellow


Arya Nayak is a 17 year old rising senior at Seneca Valley Senior High School, where she and a group of friends are in the process of writing and passing a climate action resolution to the school board. She works and volunteers with local climate action organizations such as the Emerging Youth Program and the Pittsburgh Youth for Climate Action (PYCA). Outside of climate work, she is a member of the Academic Games and Global Leadership, along with tae-kwon-do and the local branch of Youth and Government.

Arya has always been interested in the environment and sustainability – she has always wanted to do something to leave the Earth better than she found it, and recently she discovered by joining these sustainability groups, she is finally in a position to make some change. Her current plan is to continue the fight for climate justice well into the future, and is most excited about getting leaders to join the fight and looking into renewable energy alternatives. She believes that joining the fellowship will provide her more opportunities to do good in the world while also meeting tons of amazing and wonderful people who share her goals. She’s super excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to see what’s in store!