Arielle Barber



Arielle is from Neenah, Wisconsin, and is a Senior at Neenah High School. Her interests include politics, performing, and spending time with family and friends. She is extremely grateful to have joined the ACE family because it allows young people to make a difference in the world even when they are not old enough to vote in elections. She understands that younger generations have the most to lose when it comes to climate change, but also have the most power to make a lasting change. In this fellowship, Arielle hopes to learn different ways to not only fight climate injustice in her community but also how to communicate with government leaders on the topic. 

Arielle is very interested in working with animals and hopes to someday work to restore habitats that have been destroyed by climate change. She thinks it is imperative to realize the connection between the extinction of species and the reckless behavior of large corporations and world governments. Arielle believes that education is the basis for all action, and actively argues for climate change to become a bi-partisan issue. The facts are undeniable, which means it’s time to start prioritizing the planet over monetary gains.