Abby H

Abby Herbert

Action Fellow


Abby is an 11th grade IB diploma candidate at Manheim Township High School in Lancaster, PA. She is active as a public relations officer in her school’s student council, she works on the costume crew for the performing arts, she writes for her school newspaper and she runs long distance on her school’s track team. Abby also runs the Future Voters Instagram page and is going to host a voter registration drive. She also volunteers for the newly developed My Vote Project. 

Abby wanted to become involved in the fellowship program because she saw how uneducated her community was on the topic of climate change. There isn’t much time left and GenZ is the generation that is going to need to create a change. She hopes to inform more people in her school and community about the need for renewable resources, climate and environmental justice, and systemic change from her local leaders. 

Abby believes that it is extremely important for young people to become involved in climate change and environmental justice because there is so much more to climate change than just the changing of the climate. She knows that not many students her age know about the effects that climate change has on BIPOC communities. She believes that justice and systemic change in our government systems is crucial to solving the environmental injustices within BIPOC communities. The youth are a group of people strong enough to band together, fight, riot, and protest the way this country is run and Abby believes that if more of GenZ becomes educated on these injustices, more change can be made