What We Do

Alliance for Climate Education's mission is to educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action. By empowering youth to take action within a frame of justice and optimism, we are growing and strengthening the climate movement, and shifting the national discourse on climate in ways that are proven to affect public opinion and policy.

ACE does two things best.
First, we teach climate science that puts teenagers at the center of the story. Our dynamic classroom teaching resources are award-winning and proven to work.  

Second, we give every student a chance to take action. For some, it’s a small lifestyle change. For others, it’s hands-on preparation for a lifetime of leadership.


We educate young people on science, impacts, solutions and justice implications of climate change. 

Our Climate Our Future
ACE is proud to offer Our Climate Our Future, a unique online multimedia resource featuring our signature mix of dynamic animation, music, video, and interactivity. It teaches the latest climate science and inspires young people to take action.

The ACE Assembly

Teacher Resources
ACE supports teachers with best-in-class lesson plans, a monthly newsletter with professional development opportunities, and dynamic online resources to deepen students’ knowledge beyond Our Climate Our Future.

"ACE provides an unparalleled climate science program that sticks with high school students. High schools should jump at the chance to take part." —Bill McKibben, Author and Co-Founder of 350.org

Action Program

We give every student a chance to take action.

Action Fellowship
The ACE Action Fellowship is a yearlong training program that gives young people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be powerful climate leaders. We have developed and tested our model through workshops delivered to more than 4,000 students over the past five years.

This year, in North Carolina, we are working with local partners to connect Action North Carolina Action Fellows to climate campaigns where they can have immediate, real world impact. Our Action Fellows strengthen these efforts with their unique skills, and deepen their own commitment to be lifelong leaders.

DOT: Do One Thing
Small actions add up. During Our Climate Our Future in classrooms around the country, youth are invited to pledge a DOT, or Do One Thing to protect the climate. It’s a simple first step that shows the world that individual actions matter. ACE has tracked over 300,000 DOTs.

Action Teams
Students have started Action Teams at schools across the country and are using ACE’s online resources to make an impact. ACE Action Teams have completed over 2,100 climate projects including industrial composting systems, school-wide energy audits, and solar panel installations.

"The ACE Action Fellowship has given me the skills I need to turn my passion into action. It has given me the confidence and the opportunity to speak up, and restored my hope in my generation's ability to enact change." 

—Liza, Action Fellowship Alumn

ACE Action Fellows

We Know it Works

ACE programs have won numerous awards including:

  • 2015 White House Champion of Change Award for Climate Literacy
  • 2015 National Center for Science Education Friend of the Planet Award
  • 2013 AQMD Award for Public Education on Air Quality Issues
  • 2012 EPA Environmental Merit Award
  • 2011 George Mason University Climate Change Communicator of the Year Award

A study of ACE's climate science presentation by Stanford, Yale, and George Mason University was published in the journal Climatic Change and showed that viewing the ACE Assembly leads to:

  • 27% increase in climate science knowledge
  • 43% increase in students who are concerned or alarmed about climate change
  • 59% of students increasing their intentions to take action
  • 60% of students increasing their intention to get friends and family to take action
  • The number of students talking to parents and peers about climate change more than doubling

A recent survey of ACE Action Fellows found:

  • 82% say they have spoken to an elected official about climate change
  • 100% say they will vote for a pro-climate candidate
  • 63% say they were influenced by ACE to go to college; 45% of those will major in the STEM fields

Through our work, we are helping to transform the climate movement into one that is just, inclusive, and equitable:

  • 77% of all schools we reach are public
  • 65% of Action Fellows are youth of color
  • ACE programs connect climate change to issues of justice and equity

We are training the leaders of tomorrow to have impact today.

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