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Click on the links below to find our response to FAQs about ACE. We also address common questions about climate change on our Student FAQ page.

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What science standards does the ACE Assembly address?

Visit our Science Standards page to see which Next Generation Science Standards the ACE Assembly addresses, as well as specific state science standards.

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Which aspects of climate science do you cover?

Topics covered by the ACE Assembly include:

  • Greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases
  • Fossil fuels
  • Sources of energy: renewable vs. nonrenewable
  • Human and natural causes of climate change
  • Ice core data on temperature and CO₂
  • Positive feedbacks in the climate system — sea ice-albedo feedback
  • Methane as a greenhouse gas and its sources
  • Scientific consensus on climate change
  • Impacts of climate change (global, regional, and local)
  • Technological solutions to climate change
  • Stories of students working to solve climate change: individual level, school level and beyond

For a more detailed description of the Assembly's content, see the ACE Assembly Outline.

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What climate science sources are used in the ACE Assembly?

The presentation is based on the latest and most credible scientific sources, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report — one of the most heavily researched and reviewed scientific reports in history. Click here for a list of citations used in the ACE Assembly.

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How much does it cost to bring ACE to my school?

We would love to bring our programs to your school. We ask all schools to partner with us to educate and activate youth to be a part of climate solutions. That partnership includes a financial commitment to making our programs possible. We won't turn a school away for inability to donate, but, since we're a nonprofit organization, we ask all schools to contribute what they can to support our program.

It costs ACE $1,500 to bring our program to each school we visit. This includes the ACE Assembly, pre/post Assembly lesson plans, resources for students interested in taking action, and access to our teacher network.

To donate, you can do so online on our donate page, or send a check to:
Alliance for Climate Education
4696 Broadway, Suite 2
Boulder, CO 80304

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to working with your school.

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What follow-up resources do you provide for students?

We offer all students a chance to take action. During the ACE Assembly, students are invited to pledge a DOT, or "Do One Thing" to protect the climate, by texting in to our mobile network. It’s a simple first step that shows the world that individual actions matter. By joining the ACE Student Network, students can stay informed of contests and opportunities to take action online and in person.

ACE also offers a suite of online resources for Action Teams (school-based green clubs), ranging from recycling projects to reducing engine idling at your school and more. 

For those students interested in working with ACE closely to develop their leadership skills on climate, there is the ACE Action Fellowship. The Fellowship is a yearlong training program for high school students to meet regularly with ACE staff, learn about climate science and solutions, and work on a local climate campaign. 

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Where can I find high-quality curricula on climate change?

Check out our Beyond the Assembly page for follow-up resources to support the ACE Assembly. We also have a list of our favorite climate education resources here.

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What age or grade level is the ACE Assembly designed to reach?

Our focus is on high schools. We do our best to accommodate middle schools when possible.

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Do my students need to have a background in climate change before you come?

No. Our presentation is designed to connect with and educate students with all levels of knowledge regarding climate change.

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How long is the ACE Assembly?

An hour-long period is the perfect amount of time for the ACE Assembly. The ACE Assembly itself is 35-40 minutes long. Please allow time for students to file in and leave before and after the presentation. We also appreciate adding an extra ten minutes for questions.

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Our students are advanced and well-versed in environmental education, climate science, and green practices. Does the ACE Assembly meet their needs?

Yes. The ACE Assembly features professionally-designed animation and a uniquely powerful and engaging multimedia format. Your students will be captivated — we promise! ACE staff are also well versed in climate science and are comfortable engaging with students about the science and solutions to climate change in a question-and-answer session.

ACE's student resources — including the ACE Student Network, Action Team resources, and the ACE Action Fellowship — are perfect for those students looking to translate their knowledge into action.

Lastly, you can see the science standards that the ACE Assembly addresses on our Science Standards page.

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Aren’t climate change and global warming controversial and/or political issues?

The science on climate change is clear. 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and human caused. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states in its Fifth Annual Report in 2013 that it is extremely likely (greater than 97% certain) that humans are responsible for the most of rise in global temperature since the mid-20th century.

Human-caused climate change is also addressed in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as the state standards of each state in our regions (learn more here). With an increasing focus on STEM education, many of these standards, including NGSS, also address technological and other solutions to climate change. The ACE Assembly focuses on the science behind climate change that is covered by these standards, as well as the solutions.

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If I don't yet know how many students will be in attendance, can I still schedule a presentation?


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How do I find out which dates ACE is available to visit my school?

You may complete our online request form and an ACE staff member will contact you shortly.

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Do you visit public schools? Private schools?

The ACE Assembly is available to all high schools, public and private.

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Where do you get your funding?

ACE is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our programs are supported by the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and schools. You can read our Annual Reports for more information. We welcome your support to help ACE develop the climate leadership of youth nationwide. To make a donation, click here

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