Zack Tounsi

Zack Tounsi

Action Fellow


Campaign Involvement

Zack Tounsi is very excited to join Alliance for Climate Education! He is a senior at King High School in Tampa, Florida.  Zack originally became interested in climate change from his uncle, who talked to him about the Everglades. This conversation came up when Zack wanted to learn more about the endangered Manatees. To learn more, his uncle took him to the Everglades to explore in person. This piqued his interest especially seeing how unique and fragile the ecosystem is. Zack is also interested in the climate justice aspect of climate change. Climate change is an important issue because it will affect all of us. Zack is looking forward to making memories and friends through being an ACE fellow.

Zack’s favorite hobbies include going to the gym, playing video games, watching tv, and watching and playing soccer. Zack’s favorite tv shows are Community and Scrubs. His favorite soccer team is Arsenal in England.