Puji M

Puji Masireddy



Puji Masireddy is a junior at Great Valley High School. She plays tennis, paints, skateboards, and is a huge advocate for social justice related issues. She is a member of FBLA, Model UN, Environmental Club, Student Democrats, and Students Demand Action. She is passionate about environmental justice and combating environmental racism. She is also very interested in criminal justice reform and racial justice. The reason she chose this fellowship is to work with like-minded individuals to understand the root causes of climate change and work towards sustainable solutions while demanding accountability and change from our elected officials. It is important for young people to get involved because it is their future. It is up to them to create the world that they hope to live in before it is too late. The aspect she is looking forward to the most is gaining the valuable skills of advocacy and activism in order to rally her community for this cause as well as other social justice related matters.