Lisandra Morales

Lisandra Morales

Action Fellow


Campaign Involvement

Lisandra (Lissie) Morales is a 16-year-old senior that attends Tampa Bay Technical High School. She’s a robust Boricua that enjoys seeing power put back into people and bringing light to a stranger’s day. In her free time, Lissie loves studying psychology, attending poetry slams, and going on the pursuit of being unapologetically human. Known as an upbeat Disney fanatic, you’ll always find her daydreaming and planning out the future as if it will be later told as a fairytale with a big happy ending. 

Originally from New Jersey, Lissie grew up loving Earth Day as a way for her family to give life back into the planet that grants theirs, that was until everyone’s environmental interest died out by the time she reached middle school. Having seen climate change’s blunt consequences on the global ecosystem, she felt it was vital to bring that activism and love back to her current city of Tampa. Raised by a trailblazer herself, Lissie always searched for ways to impact her community through various forms of service that can be seen through her profound voice and leadership wherever she goes. She cares about climate change because the fate of the world is in man’s hands, and believes that our generation will see a brighter tomorrow if our youth takes a stand on environmental justice now, not later. 

Lissie was exposed to ACE by a Facebook Ad and immediately saw her calling. Seeing that a new fellowship was in her area, she got excited and had to join. Through ACE, Lissie aspires to expand her awareness on climate change and help spread the message of conservation and sustainability to the world.