Lillian Alburg_MKE Headshot

Lillian Alburg

Action Fellow


Lillian Alburg is from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and attends Pius XI High School in Milwaukee. She is involved with musical theatre, choir, and volleyball at school. In her free time, Lillian enjoys listening to music, writing, and hanging out with her family. She plans to become a writer in the future. 

Lillian became interested in ACE when a representative presented in her biology class, and she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of. Lillian knew that climate conservation and protection was an important issue when she started noticing plastic pollution on the streets in Milwaukee. She wanted to help protect the world from human harm. Lillian is passionate about finding and using clean and renewable energy sources, and she hopes to implement them in her life and community. She knows that the youth of the world are the last hope for stopping climate change, and wants to make an impact. She is looking forward to working with other climate leaders in her community.