Jerssay Arredondo

National Director of Organizing

Jerssay is a selfproclaimed undocumented, unafraid, and unashamed queer Latino immigrant who takes on the role of the National Director of Organizing. He was born in Mexico City and raised in Phoenix, AZAt a very young age, Jerssay witnessed the injustices faced by his immigrant, trans, and queer community. Such injustices influenced him to want to do something and change the hearts and minds of people.

Jerssay began organizing with the Arizona Dream Act Coalition and pushed for instate tuition, the federal DREAM ACT, and helped create visibility for the UndocuQueer community throughout Arizona and nationally with the United We Dream Network. Leading the Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP) and organizing for the passage of DACAIn 2014 Jerssay cofounded Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, a national LGBTQ Latinx organization. Where he helped build local Trans and Queer power in many different states by providing organizing, direct action, and mobilizing training. Jerssay believes local communities have all the answers they need to win campaigns, so he is a strong believer in always centering and following the lead of those most directly impacted. He did just that when he worked for the GetEQUAL network, the GSA network, and the ACLU.

Most recently Jerssay helped build the Southwest presence around reproductive freedom with NARAL ProChoice AmericaJerssay is passionate about food, culture, dance, music, and fashion. In his free time loves spending time with his two pugs Taco and Pupusa