Andrea Toles

Andrea Toles

Action Fellow


Campaign Involvement

Andrea Toles is a determined activist who believes in a better tomorrow. Outside of activism, Andrea’s hobbies include binge watching TV, diving deep into the pages of countless books, and hanging out with her comically inclined friends. She is a senior at Gulf High School in New Port Richey. She plans on attending the prestigious Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers in the fall. With a focus in psychology, she hopes to better understand people and the reasons they do things. Her focus on psychology will aid her in her activism as she wants to understand why politicians make their decisions against activism.

Climate change is imminent and Andrea knew if nothing was done to stop it, there would be no future. So she took to following climate change pages on Instagram to be better informed, but following pages didn’t equate to action. She was presented with an opportunity to join ACE and she leaped into it. She knows that her generation is the future and there can be no future if climate change isn’t solved soon. Andrea plans on living for a long time and wants to breathe clean air while doing so. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren need clean air and a stable environment. So the world needs clean air.