2015-2016 Action Fellow

Samantha Chen lives in Fremont, California, where she is a sophomore at Irvington High School. She is a lover of writing, public speaking, science, and musical theatre, and hopes to be an environmentalist and astronaut. In her freshman year, she led an environmental project that spanned over the course of a year, which further galvanized her passion for the environment and for leading. She believes strongly in the importance of spreading awareness on the rapidly approaching dangers of climate change and its undeniable repercussions, as well educating people about ways the human race can assist in reversing such consequences for both themselves and the organisms inhabiting the Earth.

Through ACE’s Action Fellowship, she hopes to expand her horizons—not only to gain knowledge and skills to help her in the perpetual battle for an environmentally friendly future, but to inspire others to join the fight in the hopes of seeing that dream come to life.

Samantha Chen
San Francisco Bay Area
Irvington High School