2015-2016 Senior Action Fellow | 2014-2015 Action Fellow

Maxine Jimenez was born in San Pablo City in the Philippines. At the age of 8, she moved to Highland Park in Northeast Los Angeles. She went to Franklin High School and joined the ACE Action Fellowship during her senior year. Maxine created the School Alliance Committee in her local neighborhood council to connect her school with the surrounding community. Maxine organized community clean-ups, tree care events, tree adoptions, and a green forum. She also lobbied for the environment at the California State Capitol and attended a 3-day Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Iowa led by Al Gore. Towards the end of her high school career, she became a part of the nonprofit organization Young People For in order to continue her work as an activist.   

Maxine attends the University of California, Santa Cruz and is double majoring in Politics and Community Studies. She is currently working on a blueprint to create better ways to manage food waste on campus by donating excess food to nonprofits that can distribute it to homeless populations in Santa Cruz. She is also working on a campaign to create more awareness about how students can divert waste from ending up in landfills.   

During her free time, she likes to hike, work out, sing, garden, ride her bicycle, and cook. In the near future Maxine is looking forward to engaging younger students to become active voices regarding environmental issues, and one of her long-term goals is to become an expert in creating easier ways to live sustainable lifestyles in urban settings.

Maxine Jimenez
San Francisco Bay Area
UC Santa Cruz