2015-2016 Action Fellow

Kate Scherer is proud to be from Queens, New York and is currently a junior at the Notre Dame School of Manhattan. Kate originally became interested in activism after joining Global Kids her sophomore year.  Since then, she has learned that her passions lie in international relations and has become committed to looking at issues with a global perspective. With this in mind, she sees climate change as an issue that we must all address and enforce change as a global community.  Although she has not yet been able to work on the global stage, Kate has been lobbying with ACE and Global Kids for climate education in New York City public schools.  In addition to being passionate about climate justice, Kate is also a fervent believer in equal access to education and volunteers with the Go Project as a tutor.  In her free time, Kate can be found spending time with friends, going to art museums, and exploring Manhattan.

New York City
Notre Dame School of Manhattan