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Every Action Counts

You can do something about climate change. Everyday actions add up.
Do One Thing to fight climate change and help the planet! The more people join in, the bigger difference we make.

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Fewer cars = less pollution + less traffic. Bike, walk, skate, take public transit, or carpool instead.
Conserving energy reduces pollution and saves money. It just makes sense. If no one is using it, turn it off! Lights, computers, TVs, and more.
Talking about climate change is one of the most important things you can do to make a difference. Speak up. Your family and friends will listen.
Say no to waste! Reduce, reuse, recycle. Compost yard waste and leftover food. Buy products with minimal packaging.
Taking shorter showers saves water and also saves energy (less water to heat up). Take the 5-minute #turboshower challenge!
Eating real food is good for the planet and your health. Choose local, seasonal, unprocessed and/or unpackaged food. Choose more veggies, less meat.
Chilly at home? Before cranking up the heat, rock a sweater. Be warm, save energy, and look good too. :-)
Buy smart. Discover fun and hip fashions while reusing materials and helping the planet. $15 designer jeans? Score.

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