Youth Media *VS* un-natural gas

Here at ACE we're all about youth who use the tools available to them to raise their voices and speak out about problems with fossil fuels and climate change.  We're also teamed up with Free Range to make the cool graphics for our presentations… And in the New England region we're about to launch a *video contest* to encourage ACE youth to make their own videos about climate change.

So you add all that together, and you can just imagine how psyched we are to be supporting our partner group the Green Guerrillas, as they compete in a contest run by Free Range.  If they win the contest, they'll get funds to make their own video about natural gas drilling their is threatening their homes and 31 states around the country!

The Green Guerrillas are young sustainability storytellers who are cool with Mother Earth and practice what they preach.  As teen leaders in the environmental movement, Green Guerrillas make movies that encourage their peers (YOU!) to define sustainability in terms that make sense to you.

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The Green Guerrillas are an inspiring example of youth raising their voices, forcing the mainstream to re-think fossil fuel dependency and challenge false solutions to climate justice.  They reveal the role mainstream media plays in promoting sweat shops over sustainable style, genetically modified crops over locally-grown organic foods, and pollution and prisons over sustainability and social change.

Their new movie will be called "Natural Gas... clean enough to drink?" is exposing a huge issue: natural gas drilling, which is a dirty fossil fuel that some politicians like to say is actually a solution to climate change.  Say what?!?

Check out these other videos about the issue - to educate yourself about what's going on, and get involved!