Youth ignite hope, Schneider cuts through hype

On day two here in Copenhagen, we spent the morning at the Conference of Youth with over 500 young people from 50 countries who gathered to share ideas and strategies for the upcoming climate negotiations. Emily and I collected video clips and put together a montage of inspiring voices from all over the world. The faces and accents range widely, but the message is clear: It's time for action.

This afternoon we ventured to the Bella Center to officially register for COP15. It was a zoo. And the unofficial word from a security guard is that there are 150,000 people registered with room for only 15,000 at the center. If you're hoping to get in tomorrow, get there early!

We serendipitously met up with climate scientist Stephen Schneider. He's a friend from my Stanford community and has advised ACE's science content. (He's also one of my little sister's favorite professors.) We talked about the recent leak of climate-related emails that skeptics are using to fan the fires of denial. He reminded me that these emails don't even put a dent in the validity of published climate science.

I've also loaned Professor Schneider my phone for the week. If you've ever wanted to talk to him in person, call my number!

Matt Lappé

Matt Lappé is ACE's Executive Director. He was ACE’s fourth employee, brought on in 2008 to develop the science credibility of ACE’s programming. He holds BS and MS degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, dog, and two daughters, Evelyn and Jennifer.