Who won Planet Connect's Get Green Vid Contest?

A few months ago, Planet Connect issued a Get Green Video Contest. The entries rolled in and the news is in! Drumroll please........... the winners have been announced! They won some pretty amazing swag -- iPads and MORE - and their videos weren't too bad either! Meet the winners here.

I watched a few of them, and will admit that my favorite one didn't win the Grand Prize, but I think it's awesome so I'm highlighting it here. Scott O'Lone's video "Tha Green Machine" won Green Honor Roll, and we think it rocks! Short, snappy cuts, good tune, great dancing. Way to go, Scott, and all the winners!

While you're on their website, take a look at come of Planet Connect's other offerings -- from a list of internships, to info on colleges & universities, to a Green Jobs directory... there's lots going on over at Planet Connect.