Where does your electricity come from?

As you read this blog on the internet, which connects us all around the globe, many of us are still blind to the fact that half of our electricity in our country still comes from a technology that was introduced in the nineteenth century: coal.

Last night, I saw a film called Dirty Business: “Clean Coal" and the Battle for Our Energy Future, consulted and narrated by Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell, which asks these crucial questions: “Can coal ever really be made "clean"? If we were to try to wean ourselves off coal, how would we keep the lights on? Is renewable energy ready for prime time? Is Carbon Capture and Storage really a viable option financially and environmentally?


Many of our readers may already know that coal-fired power plants are the single greatest source of greenhouse gasses that cause global warming or may even know that China puts up a new coal–fired power plant every week.

However, it was refreshing to be at the panel after the screening to hear Rainforest Action Network Executive Director Rebecca Tarbotton and carbon expert, Dr. Julio Friedmann from the Department of Energy and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have an intelligent dialogue to discuss solutions to this sober and complex global issue.

Where does your electricity come from?

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