What would you do with a second summer vacation?

Here at ACE, we were curious about the crazy adventures people were up to over the summer, and even more curious about which adventures were environmentally and climate friendly. So, we recently launched a text message contest to find out!

Below are our 3 winners along with several staff favorites. If you didn't get a chance to text in, feel free to share your best green summer adventure in the comments section and you can sign up for future text contests by texting "DOT" to 30644.


Bike all the way to Jacksonville, Florida from Waycross Georgia -so ambitious
ACE: What a great ride and you saved about 76 lbs of carbon! What does that look like you ask? Try out this 76 lb jackfruit for size.

My friend and I who usually spend all summer playing video games decided to conserve energy and go swimming every day :)
ACE: Great minds think alike. The ACE crew recently powered down for the day and went rafting on the American River. If only we had a pool on the 5th floor deck to last us the summer...

Even though I got a car before school ended, I rode my bike a lot. I like the exercise too-even biking 4 miles to my best friend's house.
ACE:  That's awesome. Have you taken the 2 mile challenge yet? ACE could use your help in racking up bike miles!


Tent campin' without electricity cookin' over the fire and lake as water resource

Planted trees around my house and other places with friends and recycled and unplugged everything we weren't using! :D

My family is going to drop my brother off to college tomorrow at UVM (the most ecological school in America!), and for the weekend trip to Burlington Vermont I am vowing to be as ecological as possible! I'm bringing a reusable water bottle and using all the plastic bags I recycled to help me!

I was able to help set up a pole that holds solar panels, which in return will be able to support a farm, and I worked at a mostly solar powered music studio

I converted four households to recycling

My favorite green adventure this summer was when I found a used beautiful old bike on the side of the road for free, and I rode it all around my neighborhood

I lived in the middle of a mountain without any running water or electricity for a week this summer. Used a hybrid car to drive up and then back down the mountain

Thank you to everyone who participated and stay tuned for the next contest!